Collectables for Beginners

When hearing the term ‘collector’ we tend to imagine someone very rich, who has put together a substantial collection which will eventually be left to a museum or gallery.  The reality is very different, of course.  Many people start collecting around a hobby of theirs – maybe they have a passion for antique golf clubs or fine china tea pots or maybe costume jewellery.

Collectables are easily obtained, especially since the event of eBay, where many collectors make their first purchase.  Car boot sales and village fetes are great for finding bargains and you might also try your local auction house, where you can often pick up collectables for very little money, especially if the item isn’t a current hot collectable.  You would not want to start with Batman collectables if the latest film has just been released.

What you collect is entirely up to you and whether it would suit your lifestyle.  If you are living in a small appartment, perhaps antique wardrobes isn’t really for you. but maybe antique jewellery or china cups might suit.  The possibilities are endless and chasing down that one particular item that is a must for your collection can be a lot of fun. 

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